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RSS DhanishthaU

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1 point

What kind of a mother films their child being spanked? This just shows that the parents of that child are themselves quite abusive, because even if the mother had given permission to the teachers to spank their child, any caring mother would at least be slightly worried for their child.

1 point

Like I said before, it's never just one spank. I highly doubt one spank would be effective enough to set a child straight. The title of this website claims that "Corporal punishment...isn't effective, just cheap". To back that up, Yasmeen has already mentioned how students that are spanked perform consistently worse at school.

1 point

That's exactly why detention exists. It's a more fair way of punishing a kid who has wasted the time of a class full of other students. They waste others' time, they have to give up some of their time. Corporal punishment is hardly a fair form of punishment. For example: interrupting the teacher and coming late to class are two completely different types of misconduct, yet children get the same punishment for them both. Instead, it should be that interrupting the teacher would get the child a lecture and arriving to class late would get them a detention.

1 point

First of all, most lectures are usually effective. They may not always be immediately effective like spanking is, but the lecture always manages to sink in eventually, either through a child's conscience or through repeated mistakes.

DhanishthaU(16) Clarified
1 point

I never called them cattle. I compared them to being "trained" by being spanked to the way cattle is trained. You're saying it's illegal to call them cattle but not illegal to train them like cattle?

1 point

You're right that they won't get scarred with one spank, yet the same way they won't learn with one spank, either. Children usually need to be spanked multiple times for the message to sink in. They will get scarred if they get spanked constantly. Spanking can seriously bruises kids both physically and mentally. According to the American Psychology Association, “many studies have shown that physical punishment...can lead to increased aggression, antisocial behavior, physical injury and mental health problems for children [like depression]”. It can also lead to serious drug and alcohol addictions, according to NBC news.

Also, being constantly spanked as a kid could turn a person into an abusive adult. There's an old saying: “monkey see, monkey do”. This means that children who are spanked will grow up thinking that this is an acceptable means of teaching and will just spank other kids as an adult.

1 point

Do you know why a kid wouldn't repeat a mistake after being spanked? It's because they would start to associate fear with any wrongdoings. To make a child live in fear is just like training cattle.

Supporting Evidence: The pros and cons of corporal punishment (
1 point

Of course spanking is quicker, but would you rather save time and scar a child both mentally and physically? Or properly teach/“rehabilitate” a child and make them a better person?

1 point

It is legal in 19 states, therefore making it a crime in the remaining 31 states.

1 point

Corporal punishment is illegal in 31 states and legal in 19, not the other way around

Winning Position: Yes, it should be allowed

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