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RSS Anna2003

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1 point

The Amendment was written so people can have self defence over people with other types of firearms, guns too.

1 point

As Tamina stated, kinder eggs were banned because kids were swallowing them. Guns are very different from this. Also, repealing an Amendment will take time, repealing use of Kinder Eggs is an easy process.

1 point

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner says that all this gun violence can be implemented without violating the Second Amendment. Guns should be off the streets and not in the hands of everybody, but we should still not get rid of it. We still need it for self defense.

Supporting Evidence: New York Post (
1 point

Again, as stated in Psychology Today, guns do help people kill other people, but even with a baseball bat or a knife, there would have still been massacres. People will find other ways to kill others with the same effect as the guns. It will not make a difference.

1 point

Nobody has ever repealed one of the ten items in the Bill of Rights. Why would you repeal a right that was there from the start? The founders put it there for a reason and that is for personal protection.

Supporting Evidence: The Daily Beast (
1 point

Banning all guns will not stop mass murders. People can take away other peoples rights to own a gun, but someone will eventually find another way to kill people and obtain firearms

Supporting Evidence: The Odyssey Online (
1 point

According to Physiology Today and Orlando Sentinel and People, not guns, are the ones responsible for all the deaths and school shooting that have been happening recently, Guns don’t kill people, only people kill people. The people are the ones using the guns, sure, the gun makes it a lot easier to kill, but if someone would have never even touched a gun, none of these shooting would have happened. Guns don’t kill people themselves.

Supporting Evidence: Orland Sentinel (
1 point

If we update the Second Amendment amendment would take away that source of reassurance that we have for protection and self-defense. According the the Washington Post, it is a fundamental right for everyone to possess the means of self-defense in the home. We need guns to protect our loved ones from all danger out there in the world.

Supporting Evidence: The Washington Post (

Winning Position: Yes, we need to update it

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