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1 point

You might me correct, but you would still have to educate yourself on the newer candidates and they're history. As teaching these skills in school might be a very good idea I don't think that it will happen in the near future according to our president, Donald Trump.

1 point

First, nobody ever mentioned a punishment, maybe instead of a punishment and not spending millions, they could still see if everyone has voted via everyone's wifi and/or electronics.

1 point

I understand your point, but if nobody votes or only a small proportion of the population in America, 50 million out of 325 million, vote. Then it makes no sense to even have a democracy, why not just make it something else.

1 point

If people have to vote they most likely want to make it worth something. So they would Educate themselves on all the candidates and make sure to pick the best one. This makes people smarter and will increase the voter turnout.

1 point

If voting is made mandatory it will make sure that the government will be represented by the most of the population, not just a few people.

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