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Although having opinions can help the government to make decisions, it sometimes causes more work for the government through the often verbal conflict that occurs. An example of this is a case that was taken to the supreme court in January 2013. This case was held in the Court for 4 years and was only resolved in December 2017. The case was regarding a gay couple who was having a same-sex marriage and two bakers who refused to bake them a cake. The two bakers ‘cited their religious beliefs’ and refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. The court ruled against the 2 bakers and took the side of the couple and a law that was enforced in 2007, in Oregon which protects the rights of LGBTQ people in employment, housing, and public accommodations. This shows that there should be limits on freedom of speech because, in the USA, it has been made legal for gay people to have a same-sex marriage. This also counts as their right, so for two bakers to say ‘no, we won’t bake a cake for you,’ goes against their right, which isn't in any way fair. Another way to see that the right of the gay couple holds a higher importance than the outlook of the bakers is that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the couple. It seems as though the court agrees that since it is legal to have a gay wedding in the USA, that their right should be protected in any way. As well as this, since this happened in Oregon where they have a specific law to protect LGBTQ rights, the court ruled in favor of the state. This argument not only shows how much work the government then has to deal with peoples opinions and beliefs because they are free to show them through speech but also how not limiting peoples freedom of speech is affecting peoples rights and legalities as well. court-rules-against-oregon-bakers-who-refused-make-gay-wedding-n833321

1 point


There should be limits on freedom of speech not only in the United States, but globally, as limits can help people in a democratic society, it can reserve people rights, it can reduce bullying which can lead to people becoming suicidal, and it can help to prevent false advertising.

1 point

Democratic society

Although freedom of speech in a democratic society allows for creativity in sharing opinions and ideas, sometimes too many opinions can cause chaos. If too many people disagree with each other's ideas and opinions, it could lead to different forms of conflict and also bullying which is another topic that was discussed. As clear in any government, they would like to avoid any conflicts within their own nation, meaning they should be able to make decisions with the people's help, but without causing any trouble.

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Hate speech. Hate speech is often shown verbally, or in writing such as letters or through the internet.

Hate speech can be shown through bullying. Not only verbal bullying but also cyberbullying, and other forms too. Things like bullying can get so out of hand because of how much freedom of speech one gets, and can often lead victims to suicide. People becoming suicidal through one's words and actions make many people feel guilty which then affects more people than only the victim of possible suicide

Winning Position: No, there shouldn't be limits

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